Due to current lessons being on zoom this timetable may be incorrect.



4.45pm Contemporary

5.15pm Grade 5 Theatre Craft

5.45pm Grade 5 Modern

6.15pm Grade 6 Tap

6.45pm Contemporary

7.15pm Pointe Group Advanced

7.45pm Advanced 1 Modern

8.30pm Advanced 1 Tap


4.15pm Grade 3 Ballet, Group Glissade

4.45pm Grade 3 Ballet, Group Frappe

5.00pm Grade 3 Tap

5.30pm Grade 3 Modern

5.30pm Grade 4 Tap

6.00pm Grade 3 Theatre Craft

6.30pm Grade 4 Ballet

7.15pm Pointe Group Demi

7.45pm Grade 4 Modern

8.15pm Grade 4 Theatre Craft


8.40am Pre-Primary Ballet, Group Petite

9.00am Pre-Primary Ballet, Group Jete

9.30am Pre-Primary Ballet, Group Plie

10.00am Preparatory Modern

10.30am Preparatory Tap

10.30am Junior Drama, Group Shakespeare

11.00am Junior Drama, Group Marlowe

11.00am Primary Tap, Group Shuffle

11.30am Primary Ballet, Group Tendu

12.00pm Primary Theatre Craft

12.30pm Primary Ballet, Group Grand

1.00pm Primary Tap, Group Pick-Up

1.30pm Junior Jazz

2.00pm - 3.30pm T/A

3.15pm Senior Drama

3.45pm - 5.30pm T/A


4.15pm Grade 1 Tap

4.45pm Grade 1 Theatre Craft

5.15pm Grade 2 Theatre Craft

5.15pm Grade 1 Ballet

6.00pm Grade 1 Modern

6.00pm Grade 2 Modern

6.30pm Grade 2 Ballet

7.15pm Grade 2 Tap


4.15pm Grade 5 Ballet

5.00pm Pointe Group Couru

5.30pm Grade 6 Ballet

5.30pm Senior Jazz

6.15pm Inter Foundation Ballet

7.15pm Pointe Group Adage

7.45pm Grade 7 Ballet

8.30pm Intermediate Ballet

Busybodies Stage School
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Toftwood, Dereham
NR19 1PU
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