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In both private and group classes, our students learn many different skill sets through their drama lessons. They develop their ability to improvise, interpret texts, explore characterisation, modulate their voice, stage a scene and much more. 

Students are entered for Trinity College London examinations, in Performance Arts, Communication Skills, Musical Theatre, Acting, Speech and Drama. Grade 6 and above examinations carry UCAS points, this will support a University or Higher Education application. Trinity College London is highly respected within the performing arts world, and designed in a manner that helps prepare students for auditioning and progression into professional theatre, whilst also being age appropriate and ensuring that drama lessons are a lot of fun!

Trinity College London was established in 1877 and is the oldest and most recognised examinations board globally with exams taking place in over 70 countries. Recognising the transformative power of performance, the examinations aim to have a positive impact on student learning, engagement and achievement. They encourage students to bring their own choices and interests into the exams, motivating them and making assessments more relevant and enjoyable. Building strengths in multiple forms of performance, excellent accessibility, inclusivity and diversity for candidates of all ages and cultures.


We are honoured to offer these prestigious examinations. We are able to offer termly examinations allowing our students to develop at their own pace and support the flexible needs of varying grades.